Celebs are on the press path with Givenchy, Kate Spade as well as Prada Bags

This is the type of week that makes you believe that nyc is really occupied by a small majority of celebrities, since they’re all here. They’re in town doing film press, trip press or just daily tasks while typically keeping it 100. Also, we’re quite delighted to function a specific tennis legend in our online pages this week. Nope, it’s not her. No, not her sibling either. You’ll never really be able to guess.

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried is hectic this week doing film press for the Mamma Mia prequel/sequel. ever the Givenchy loyalist, she’s bring a Givenchy horizon Nano Bag. shop the Givenchy horizon Nano Bag through Bergdorf Goodman ($1,390)

אריאנה גרנדה
All the major pop stars are convening on nyc this week: Here’s Ariana Grande, bring a Louis Vuitton small Lin Jeanne Bag while out as well as about. This bag is a throwback—it’s not longer made. shop vintage Louis Vuitton Bags through Vestiaire Collective

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid is sticking with her tried as well as true Prada rules Bag this week. We’ll see her mom, Yolanda, in a bit. shop the Prada rules Bag through Saks ($2,390)

John McEnroe
This is a first: Here’s John McEnroe, flaunting a bright orange Hermès Birkin as he boards a yacht in St. Tropez. That’s a beautiful bag, Mr. McEnroe.

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale is bring a little brown secret BAG that already bears her initials below the logo. Does anybody have intel on this bag? That embossed logo is practically legible.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle just recently brought this pale Mulberry Clifton Bag to a museum display about Nelson Mandela in London. The color matches her NONIE sleeveless trench gown exactly. shop the Mulberry Clifton Bag through farfetch.com ($1,021)

טיילור סוויפט
I was wondering if Taylor Swift still has her nyc apartment—apparently so! right here she is on her method out of her building, bring a Kate Spade Reese backpack that’s not publicly offered rather yet, as fans clamor around. shop Kate Spade Bags through Shopbop

Yolanda Hadid
As promised, here’s Yolanda Hadid. like her daughter, she is likewise feeling the like for Prada this week. Her pick is a Prada Comic frame Bag. shop the Prada Comic frame Bag through Saks ($2,390)

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