CC 139: The Collector who Longs for handbag peace

In today’s installment of wardrobe Confessionals, we satisfy a collector in her mid-thirties hailing from the San Fran Bay Area. A enthusiast of purses because she was a high schooler saving all of her pennies just to pay for a handbag, CC 139 has now amassed an outstanding collection of Chanel bags, with pieces from Prada, Fendi, as well as Loewe thrown in there too. CC 139 is a fellow tPF’er, who discovers neighborhood in reading these confessionals.

Throughout her collecting journey, CC 139 has discovered her collection altering with her numerous stages of life. These days, she’s a mother to an infant, as well as though a carry bag is a necessity with the bit one in tow, this confessor likewise discovers herself reaching for smaller bags because COVID began. A down-to-earth confessor with a excellent attitude, checked out the full confessional below with pics from CC 139’s collection too. Don’t fail to remember to submit your own!

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Age: 35
Gender Identity: Female
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Accountant
Industry: monetary Services
Salary: $350,000
Household Income: $1,200,000


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How numerous bags do you own? 17

What bags are in your collection?

Chanel Jumbo traditional Flap

Chanel medium traditional Flap

Chanel medium Boy

Chanel North-South Boy

Chanel 19 Large

Chanel 31 buying Tote

Chanel Deauville Tote

Vintage Chanel CC Chevron Box Bag

Chanel small 2.55

Chanel top deal with Coin Purse(does this count as a bag, I utilize it as one!)

Small Gucci Marmont

Loewe Pink Elephant

Fendi Touch Bag

Prada Re-edition 2005 Nylon

Bottega Padded Cassette

Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Wandler Hortensia

Vintage Gucci take on Bag (just bought from the Vault!)

How much is your collection worth? Not sure, resale value is so different from expense right?

What is your many costly bag? I spent the most on the vintage Chanel CC Chevron Box Bag – although in terms of resale value not sure I might get the exact same amount today.

What are the most essential brands or pieces in your collection? It’s difficult to pick a preferred child, isn’t it? best now I feel like I utilize my Chanel 19 a great deal provided it’s a denim material as well as feels much more unwinded for daily wear, I likewise like the Prada re-edition it is made of recycled ocean plastic as well as it’s water resistant so excellent for rainy days! I utilize the Deauville carry as a infant bag as I currently have a 8-month-old so I assumption in that regard it is most likely my preferred as I can carry all my crap around in it!

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? Does Kate Spade count? I was 17 or 18 as well as utilized a great deal of my summertime task money to purchase one of those bright pink container bags! I likewise had a trainer wristlet I got around then that I used EVERYWHERE, as well as it was destroyed by the time I was finished with it!

Is there a particular bag you are wanting to purchase next? A great deal of them! I like reading CC’s…makes me feel less like a crazy person as well as I can associate in some method to all of them. There are so numerous on my list, I envy all the women who have stated they have discovered handbag peace/nearing it! I have been believing about a Hermès Kelly Sellier in 28 or 32…I would like the small Kelly, however I decline to pay the crazy costs on the resale market, as well as I just don’t believe I will be provided it anytime soon. however tbh, paying such a high cost for a bag like that is kind of off-putting, I commonly ask myself if this purchase would be a flex, or if I really like the bag itself, therefore I have yet to pull the plug. I keep in mind when the Saddle bag was significant when I was in high school, as well as always liked that, however have yet to pull the plug on that a person as well. I am likewise on the listing to purchase that extremely questionable Chanel Heart bag from Spring-Summer 2022, lol! I likewise am dying to get a Loewe Flamenco bag in one of the smaller sizes! I keep purchasing other stuff so have been as well distracted therefore far.

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? My Chanel young boy bag was my very first Chanel purchase in my mid-20s! I had bought other costly designer bags before then, however my dream because I was in high institution was always to purchase a Chanel! So I will permanently treasure this bag, as well as this was before all the crazy cost increases…I keep in mind when I was in high institution a flap bag retailed for around $1,500 this was back in 2003-2004 as well as believing I would never be able to pay for that, however lusting after it! bit did I understand I ought to have pooled all my summertime task funds there instead of on trainer or Kate Spade, ha!

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? Eh, not sure. I online in the bay area where many people have the exact same uniform. I believe when I travel to specific cities it certainly does, however not as much around where we live.

Have your bag-carrying practices altered because Covid? I work from house much more now, so they certainly don’t get out as much. Besides the Chanel tote, I certainly discover myself reaching for smaller bags when I run tasks now, although I still like to have a mix of little as well as larger bags!


How commonly do you purchase new bags? Oh gosh…it truly depends upon exactly how much I have been costs on other stuff like clothes as well as shoes, etc. This year I have purchased 4. I am typically quite great about consigning stuff I don’t utilize though, or providing my bags away I no longer utilize to my sibling or cousin, etc.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic altered your buying practices or general mindset towards luxury? Kind of…I would state at first I felt like I had to spend less provided the future was so uncertain. however then I got expecting as well as was at house as well as tired not being able to see household as well as friends, as well as so I believe I ended up costs much more than normal, ek! I still like high-end as well as value high-end pieces, provided I feel that the much more you spend on something you value it much more as well as take much more care of it…also nobody is going to throw away a Chanel bag if you donate it or consign it, etc., it’s method much more sustainable than purchasing something made of plastic or from a fast-fashion house! I completely comprehend that not everybody can pay for to purchase high-end goods, however I do feel like high-end products ought to be for everyone, I imply I am a living example of not having a heap when I was younger, saving all my money to have one bag, versus a significant collection!

Which stores do you regular the most? Neiman Marcus, Net-a-porter, The RealReal as well as Instagram sellers. Parisian wonderful has an fantastic collection of vintage Chanel through Instagram – inspect out if you’re ever looking (@parisian_sweet), my sibling turned me on to him as well as I like viewing his stories, he has excellent info also as well as is extremely entertaining!

Do you ever purchase second-hand bags? Where do you purchase used? עידו! I just purchased a vintage Gucci bag on the vault (Gucci’s new experimental store) they refurbish their bags, etc. I like Parisian wonderful also (see above), I like to search Fashionphile also although have yet to purchase a bag from there however I certainly plan to in the future. many of my bags come with my SA connection at Neiman’s who I think about a good friend as well!

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? I certainly have in the past! Although I offered a Chanel Filigree Vanity situation which I regret! I hadn’t utilized it in a year, however I miss her, so now I am much much more cautious about selling bags!

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase much more bags? Hmmm…I am not sure if I feel societal pressure, however I certainly succumb to impulse buying. The Fendi bag I purchased a few months back which has yet to make an appearance was 100% an impulse buy! I don’t care for patterns as much as I do lovely products that will stand the test of time…I feel for the most part patterns are wasteful financially, as well as likewise poor for the environment, although I certainly was that method when I was younger I think.

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? Ha this is a packed question. I believe they can be, however it depends upon which bags you are buying. vintage bags have certainly enhanced a great deal much more than new bags, exactly how can you state that’s not an investment, ha! Chanel as well as Hermès have great resale value IMO. Chanel bags I have resold on the RealReal have offered for much more than I have purchased them for, it’s just you may have to hold on them to for a while. I assumption I don’t purchase them as investments, however I feel great about them since it’s not like there is no residual value if you get ill of them. much much better than purchasing a new car!

Who influences your purchasing decisions? Hmmm…I believe I like what I like at this point. I like to view the runway shows as well as see if there are adorable bags, etc., likewise per a few of the stuff discussed above, I like to see what the vintage instagram sellers get as well! I am not influenced by stars or influencers to purchase bags although it’s fun to see what they wear.

Are sales partner connections instrumental to your shopping? hahaha. My other half would state yes! My SA at Neiman’s (she utilized to work for Chanel) has been extremely instrumental in me costs much more money on buying in general. I never would have ever believed I would purchase RTW products of garments since honestly, they are insanely overpriced. nevertheless she has certainly persuaded me it’s much better to purchase less things as well as spend much more (cost per wear thing), so to that end I certainly spend method much more money on garments than I ever would have thought, however my wardrobe has much less products of clothes than many peoples, etc.

Why do you delight in shopping, beyond just obtaining something new? I roll my eyes whenever I satisfy somebody (man or lady I have heard it from both), make judgmental comments on people who care about clothes or exactly how they gown or exactly how much people spend on handbags. We are all innovative beings, as well as dressing ourselves is an expression of who we are as individuals, as well as an attire can modification the method we feel about ourselves or our outlook on life. dressing ourselves is a type of art as well as expression beyond just obtaining something new. cheers to all the women who compose as well as are on this blog sharing their experiences as well as stories as well as like of handbags…it’s not as reductive as a dollar spent! To that end I can state I have certainly been a shopaholic of sorts at specific points in my life, hahahaha. I’ve never gone crazy though in terms of going into debt, etc., however for sure I would state I do the retail therapy thing!

Have you ever felt like you got inferior service at a store or shop because of your appearance, ethnicity or gender? When I was 17 I went into BCBG searching for a prom gown as well as the impolite person working the store wouldn’t provide me the time of day, up until my mother came back with me! I am quite sure I have been looked over before as well in my earlier 20s at specific stores, however doesn’t truly occur now most likely because of my age!


Who pays for your bags? Me, in some cases my other half as gifts, although because we are married I think about it the exact same pool!

Do you set aside a budget plan for your bag purchases? Eh not really. I just make sure I don’t go crazy…the excellent thing about purchasing designer stuff as well is that there is practically always residual value, so if I am feeling truly guilty I can just consign a lot of clothes or other stuff to get a new bag! I really believe purchasing designer stuff for specific brands is likewise like purchasing a utilized car, where when the preliminary depreciation comes off you can really make a bit bit of money if you resell later on too!

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever bought a counterfeit since you couldn’t pay for a designer item? No, I have come across counterfeits however can always tell the craftsmanship as well as high quality is not as nice.

Do you ever hide purchases from your considerable other? No, although if he sees something new as well as makes a comment in some cases I will state it’s not new he just didn’t notice.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to pay for a bag? utilized up all my summertime task money as a teenager to purchase bags!

Do you believe your buying is ever a problem? have you ever felt like you were having a hard time with a buying addiction? I assumption it depends upon who you ask. In all seriousness I am in a extremely fortunate location financially, so I haven’t had to believe about it much, however outside of the PF community, I am sure some people believe I experience from a buying addiction.

The rest Of It

Any other costly hobbies or passions? Travel, Jewelry, RTW, Shoes! All the things all of us like ? I likewise am an artist as well as like filmmaking, as well as putting together productions is costly with extremely little possibility of making money!

Anything else you would like to include? say thanks to you to everybody who shares their stories on here! I like reading them, as well as say thanks to you to all the writers as well as founders of this blog for building such a beautiful community!

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